Sunday Nursery

Our Sunday Nursery is open to all children who are walking up to age 4.  The Sunday Nursery is located in the Early Childhood Development Center (under the church) and is open most Sundays during our 9:00 am and 11:00 am Masses.  Our nursery is a cooperative nursery that is staffed and managed by a paid coordinator and additional help is provided by parents rotating as volunteers.  As a "cooperative" nursery, families that regularly use the nursery are asked to register, and parents are asked to volunteer to help once a month.
We are asking all interested families to register online to use the nursery. Registration is now open. In addition, all parents will be required to participate by signing up to help once a month - Sign-Up Here. Parents will need to be VIRTUS trained and screened according to diocesan policy. (Screening information can be found here.)
PLEASE NOTE the following COVID mitigation steps:  We use a kindergarten classroom for our nursery and must be conscientious of school policies.  All adults in the nursery, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask at all times. It is strongly recommended and encouraged, that children ages 2 and older (which is the guideline for schools) wear a mask when indoors. This is also the policy in many daycares, so children are getting used to wearing masks indoors.  Realizing that not all children are used to this, we ask that masks for children (2 and up) be provided, but children who do not keep the mask on or wear it properly will not be asked to leave. “
Our Sunday Nursery is scheduled to reopen on Sunday, November 7.