Faith Journey Video Program

Welcome to the St. Mary's "4 for Faith" video page.
Designed to help parishioners as they seek to grow in faith.

About the videos
... We are convinced that individuals can experience a stronger faith when they hear the stories of how God has worked powerfully in the lives of their friends and neighbors.  While Catholics regularly hear preaching and teaching from priests, deacons and parish staff members, they rarely have the opportunity to hear about the extraordinary faith of the ordinary people who sit next to them in the pews each week.

This is why we have created the "4 for Faith" video resource.  With the help of a professional filmmaker, we have interviewed individuals and families from our parish, asking them to share the powerful and dynamic stories of the presence of Christ in their daily lives.  In these interviews, you will be inspired by the way other parishioners talk about the strength, courage and wisdom God has given them through the Holy Spirit.

In just four minutes, you will get to know some of your brothers and sisters in Christ.  in just four minutes, you will be encouraged in your faith and challenged to serve God in new ways.  You will also be given the opportunity to see a longer version of the interview so you can hear even more about all that God is doing in the lives of your neighbors.

Please join us for this exciting faith journey.  Select videos below.

Interview #1:  Jackie and Randy Tart

Interview #2: Jane and Joe Lynch

Interview #3: Linda Roberts


Interview #4: Geline Williams

Interview #5: Barbara and Vince Smoral

Interview #6: Becky and David Gleberman

Interview #7: Georgeann Schmeid

Interview #8: Joey Shelton

Interview #9: Mona and Louis Bausone

Interview #10: Pat and Larry Spurzem

Interview #11: Whitney and Andrew Robertson

Interview #12: Fr. Michael Renninger