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Catechists and Catechist Aides (Religion Teachers)

Program Options:

Sundays, 9:30 am - 10:45 am (for those who attend 11:00 am Mass)
Sundays, 10:15 am - 11:30 am (for those who attend 9:00 am Mass)
Wednesdays, 4:30 pm - 5:45 pm

Who is a Catechist?
Simply put … a Catechist is an adult who teaches our faith to a group of people - in this case, elementary-aged children.

What does a Catechist do?
Following the prescribed curriculum, a catechist plans, prepares, and leads a one-hour class each week for a group of students.   Lesson planning guides are provided which follow a curriculum approved by the Diocese of Richmond.

What is the commitment?
This varies depending on the individual, but generally about one hour of preparation time during the week and 1 hour of class time, with a few more minutes before and after class to set up and clean up the classroom.

There is also an option for Co-Catechists (two adults who share the class) to share the above responsibilities and commitment.  Having two adults who work together is always a great idea since the class will have consistency throughout the year.  If interested in being co-catechists, simply sign up together for the same class.

Who is a Catechist Aide?
A Catechist Aide is an adult who is present as a second adult in the room and assists the Catechist as needed in leading the class.

What does a Catechist do?
A Catechist aide will help set up and clean up, pass out and collect materials, help kids with activities, etc.  This role will evolve as the Catechist and Catechist Aide work together and get to know each other.

What is the commitment?
Similar to that of a Catechist except the Aide will not have to plan the lesson.  In collaboration with the Catechist, there may be times where the aide will have some project or activity to prepare before a lesson.



Any youth (under 18) who would like to help as an aide, please email John Sweet [email protected] to be added to a list.

Children's Liturgy of the Word Prayer Leaders

What options do I have?

Mass time:  choose between the 9:00 am and 11:00 am Masses.
Ages:  choose to lead the younger group (4-year-olds—1st grade) or the older group (2nd grade—4th grade).

Who is a Prayer Leader? 
A Prayer Leader is an adult who facilitates the Children’s Liturgy of the Word ritual.

What does a Prayer Leader do?
A Prayer Leader proclaims the Word of God to the children and provides an interactive reflection to help the children understand what God is saying to them.  In Children’s Liturgy of the Word, we follow the same format as in Church—readings, reflection, prayers.

What is the commitment?
Adults are scheduled every 4-6 weeks and commit to preparing during the week (1/2 hour) and leading the 20-minute session during Mass.  Adults leave with the children and return with the children, so they are “attending” Mass. 

Who is an Aide?
An Aide for Children's Liturgy of the Word is a second adult in the room for safety reasons and will help to keep the children attentive.

Who is a CLOW Cantor?
The CLOW Cantor leads the children in singing the psalm and the Gospel Acclamation.  This can be done acapella or with an instrument or using CD player.


Safe Environment Program

The Catholic Diocese of Richmond is committed to ensuring that diocesan institutions and ministries provide a safe and nurturing environment for children, young people and vulnerable individuals. The mission of the diocesan Safe Environment Program is to create a safe environment incorporating the standards as outlined in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

What is required?
All employees, clergy and those volunteers working with minors in our parishes and schools are required to complete a VIRTUS Training program and complete a background screening form.  (18 and over)

Background Screening of Volunteers

  1. Volunteer background screenings are completed via the VIRTUS system. After registering for a VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children for Adults training session, volunteers will be prompted to complete a background screening application in ScreeningOne.
  2. During the registration process new registrants are required to acknowledge the Diocesan Code of Conduct and Diocesan Safe Environment Regulations.
  3. Background checks are renewed through the VIRTUS system every 5 years.

Visit the Richmond Diocese Safe Environment web page for more information:

Sign up for VIRTUS Training and complete the background screening form

Contact John Sweet at the parish office for more information … [email protected] | 804-740-4044

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