Haiti Update - August 2022

The chaos in Haiti continues to make travel difficult for a number of reasons.  Gasoline is still in short supply and travel on main roads is dangerous in some areas due to gang violence.  As a result, it is unlikely that we will have to have a medical mission trip in the short term.  But there is some good news to share with you by way of an update from the Haiti Committee. 


The recent school year finished on schedule and without any delays for COVID.  There continue to be about 1000 students in three parish schools.  With God's grace, the water system has continued to function and provide a cleaner source of water to the broad community. Church construction continues but with some supply chain problems.  Sand and stone for mortar are available.  Cinder block is unavailable because of delivery issues. Pe Gen wants to come for a visit.  He is working on the details and we will announce his plans as soon as we know the details.  


The third quarter support from the parish is $17,300 which was sent by wire at the end of July. Support for the schools, the church and the pastor ($9600).  In addition, support for a monthly Haitian medical ($2500) and dental team ($1200) to visit Angouman is provided.  Lastly, the pastor, Fr. Clerzine Generlus (Pe Gen) has requested some special support in the form of new tires ($1000) for his vehicle (the only vehicle with 4 wheels in Angouman), some tarps for the new church which does not have a roof yet, and funding for continued construction of the new church.  The committee decided to send $3000 in continued support of the church construction.  


Pe Gen responded when he received the note about the third quarter support transfer with this introduction:

"Dear friends, the members of the committee. I greet you all. I received your message through Anne. Thank you for your support. My thanks go to each parishioner of St Mary's." 

The members of the Haiti committee join with Pe Gen to say thank you for your continued support.  You make the lives of the people in Angouman better every day because of the generous support provided. 

(The pictures show a medical visit with Dr. Alex and the entrance to the new church.)