Announcement from Fr. Renninger

For the past 14 years, Saint Mary’s Parish has been blessed by the ministry of Joseph Lenich, who has served as our Director of Music. At a recent staff meeting, Joe announced that he would be retiring from his position at the end of January, 2022.

Joe first played music for Masses at his parish in Pennsylvania in the year 1975. Since then, he has generously shared his love for the Lord and his musical gifts in a variety of parishes. 14 years ago, Joe moved to Virginia to be close to his daughters, and he was hired to serve as music minister at Saint Mary’s that same year.

Since then, Joe has played a crucial role in the life of prayer and worship within our parish community. He is present for almost every celebration of the Eucharist (weekdays & weekends). He carefully prepares and trains our musicians, so that each liturgy can be beautiful, prayerful and focused on Christ.

Over the years, Joe has overseen the training of cantors, the development of our choir, and the growth of our bell choir. He personally writes instrumental parts for all of our string, brass bell choir and woodwind players. He tunes our pianos, supervises the maintenance of the pipe organ in the Daily Mass Chapel, and plans music for masses, funerals, weddings, and many other celebrations.

In his ‘spare time,’ Joe has taken our musicians to local assisted living facilities, to provide uplifting concerts for residents.

Our parish has been blessed by Joe’s leadership, service and love. He has played a key role in creating an atmosphere of prayer and worship within our community, and he does all of this with a spirit of gentleness, generosity and good humor!

Joe and his wife, Joy, will continue to play an active role in the life of our parish. They’re not going anywhere! In fact, Joe has already volunteered to keep playing piano for daily Mass after his retirement.

On the weekend of January 29-30, we will host receptions in the Commons after each Mass so that we can celebrate all that Joe has done for our community. Please plan to join us!