Parish Staff

To contact a staff member, please do one of the following:

  • Call (804) 740-4044 and use the extension to the right to contact a staff member.
  • Click on a name to send an email.
  • Use the "Contact Us" tab above.


Father Michael Renninger, Pastor (ext. 112)

Rev. Dr. Frank Baskind, Permanent Deacon (Call Parish Office)

Rev. Mr. Joe Morlino, Permanent Deacon (ext. 153)

Rev. Mr. Peter McCourt, Permanent Deacon (Call Parish Office)

Anne Leigh Bisese, Administrative Assistant - St. Mary's School (call 804-740-1048)

Heather Heishman, Director of Liturgical Ministry - (ext. 122)

Mr. Brandon Hess, Principal - St. Mary's School (call 804-740-1048)

Christopher Jenkins, Youth Minister (ext. 116)

Gregg Kamper, Director of Finance and Development (ext. 120)

Teresa Lee, Director of Evangelization (ext. 123)

Joe Lenich, Minister of Music (ext. 124)

Karen Martin, Bookkeeper (ext. 115)

Pat Novak, Director of RCIA and Baptism (ext. 113)

Melanie Ogo, Parish Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (ext. 110)

Rebecca Oxenreider, Minister of Human Concerns/Social Justice & Community Life (ext. 111)

Joyce Park, Special Assistant to the Pastor (ext. 139)

Jeff Sechrest, Facilities Manager (ext. 114)

Laura Stapleton, Youth Minister (ext. 138)

John Sweet, Director of Christian Formation (ext. 117)