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What is St. Mary's Access ACS?

Access ACS is a feature of our ACS database system which has been maintaining our financial data and parishioner information since July 2013. Access ACS allows parishioners to view and manage their own data, including setting up and managing online giving.  In addition there are capabilities for registering for events, classes, ministry groups and activities. The only requirement for using Access ACS is that you must already be a registered parishioner and have a current e-mail address on file in the system.

St. Mary's Access ACS Login

If you do not have a login yet, click on the Login above to go to the Member Sign In page and then click on the "Need a login? Click Here!" button.

Access ACS Login #1

In the Account Sign Up Screen, enter your first name, last name and e-mail address. The suffix field is optional.  When you have entered the information, click the "Find Me" button. 

Access ACS Login #2

NOTE: Your First Name, Lasts Name and e-mail address MUST match with our database or you will not be given an account.  If Access ACS doesn't recognize your e-mail address and name then please email this information to and we will adjust your records accordingly.  You can also call the parish office at (804) 740-4044 if you need assistance setting up your login.  When you have successfully completed the Account Sign Up, you will receive an e-mail containing your Username and a temporary password for logging into Access ACS. You will be required to change your password on your first successful login to a password of your choice.

FAQs about St. Mary's Access ACS

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