Christ Renews His Parish

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Welcome to St. Mary’s Christ Renews His Parish Ministry!

Christ Renews His Parish is a parish-based renewal weekend, designed to deepen the spirituality of adults. Participants hear presentations given by members of the laity, they celebrate the sacraments, and they have time for quiet prayer and reflection. For many people, a CRHP weekend leads to a renewed and energized love for Christ and a deeper desire to be active in the ministries of the parish.

The renewal weekend is hosted at the parish and runs from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon. Renewal weekends are offered for men's groups, and women's groups. After parishioners have attended a CRHP weekend, they are invited to consider becoming part of the lay formation team which will facilitate the next renewal weekend. 

Since St. Mary’s first CRHP renewal weekend in the fall of 2015, over 100 parishioners have attended a renewal weekend. 

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